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The glazes we use are a mixture of old hand-me-down and newly developed recipes. As much as possible, we use local and self-won materials in the form of clays, plant ash and rocks, to make glazes that have subtle and unique qualities and work with our kind of gentle wood-fired stoneware.

We are constantly testing materials, glazes and glaze effects in the search for new glazes and a wider colour range within the constraints we have set ourselves. One of our constraints is the ability for those glazes to be used for single firing (also known as raw glazing or once-firing) as opposed to twice firing as so many potters do.

Useful links is a very useful website if you want to work out glazes in a more scientific way. You can experiment, formulate and fine tune glaze recipes. Create and adjust glaze recipes using GlazeSimulator Wizards. Predict pottery cone ranges, colours and many other glaze properties.

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