Help find the helpers!

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In 1972 a participant, seeing how much physical work was involved in running these workshops, offered to stay on and help out and I gratefully accepted. And so the tradition started of students volunteering to assist. Some did a week or two, some the whole summer and some several summers…


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With the establishment of the pottery in Queen Camel, came the decision to fire all pots with the use of wood as a fuel. The aim was to be as environmentally positive as possible and add to the qualities of … Continued


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The glazes we use are a mixture of old hand-me-down and newly developed recipes. As much as possible, we use local and self-won materials in the form of clays, plant ash and rocks, to make glazes that have subtle and … Continued

Donyatt Clay

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We have been using Donyatt clay for many years, having first dug clay out of the Shave Lane pit in the late 1960’s. This pit was started around 1900 and followed a narrow seam of approximately 3 metres depth across … Continued

A Potters Wood

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Burning the quantities of wood that we do to get kilns up to 1300 degrees centigrade, makes one conscious of where it is coming from. Our firewood is mostly sawmill waste, supplemented by forest thinnings. The softwood we use was … Continued