Summer School 

Join us for an intensive and enjoyable pottery course in this beautiful corner of the world. 
Each week is a complete making cycle, culminating in a wood firing or, sometimes, two. Alternatively, participate in a weekend pottery workshop. For 2024 the pottery will be open to students for the week-long pottery courses over the summer, in June, July and August. More course details are available here

Monthly skill sessions

Restarting in 2024, these will be 3-hour workshops for students working in their own or other studios, who wish to brush up on various techniques or sort out problems they might have regarding potting and the follow-ons of glazing, firing, etc. More course details are available here

Wild Clay Weekends

Douglas says;
“I have been asked to lay on a wild clay class. Well, I have been using a wild clay for 54 years here in Somerset and spent 3 months in Chiapas, Mexico hunting them out some years ago. I have used such clays in several other parts of the world as well and not just for the making of pots but also for making glazes…” More course details are available here