In 2023 Douglas will restart his monthly skill sessions.

These will be 3 hour workshops for students working in their own or other studios, who wish to brush up on various techniques or sort out problems they might have regarding potting and the follow ons of glazing, firing etc.

The sessions will mostly be one-to-one with the occasional demo for the group where appropriate. Lectures on such subjects as glaze making, clays and firing will crop up from time to time and at students’ request.

Students can bring their own clay or use our clay, however, none of the work made during these sessions will be fired at the pottery in Queen Camel. If students opt to take away any work they make with our clay a small fee will be required for the cost of the clay.

A commencement date has yet to be fix. Please express interest.

Students will need to commit for three months at a time, with payment in advance of £90 (£30×3).