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Queen Camel
Queen Camel is a village and parish in the South Somerset district of Somerset.
The "Queen" in the village's name is possibly Queen Eleanor, the wife of Henry III,  who owned land in the area in the 13th century, or the Queen was Margaret of France, second wife of Edward 1st, who made the manor of Camel part of the marriage settlement in 1299. As the village has also been called Queens Camel, it seems most likely that both are correct.  The name Queen Camel¯ has nothing to do with the animal but is from Queen Cammel¯ the name of the place in the tenth century. Queen Camel possibly derives from the Celtic words canto 'district'¯ and mael 'bare hill'¯.  It has been suggested that the area around the village is the site of King Arthur's final battle, known as the Battle of Camlann.  The church, at the top of Church Path  a restored cobbled lane, has a fine tower, which contains the second heaviest peal of six bells of a parish church in the world, depending on whom you talk to!

Queen Camel is 7 miles north of Yeovil on the road to Bruton.

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Queen Camel High St 1920\\\'s? The pottery is the 3rd house from the left

The Church