Summer Courses Details


Course dates for 2019

 June     2nd - 8th

 June     30th - July 6th     

August  4th - 11th    This week is a day longer and is intended for people who already have some potting experiance.  This week in now full.


Summer School Course Details
Our aim is to develop your potting skills, decorative techniques, glazing and firing skills. We endeavour to foster an appreciation of form, its subtleties and variations, and develop an awareness of the long history and richness of pottery. All this in an enjoyable atmosphere, where the experience of the routine in a working pottery and our "from the ground up" way of doing things will ensure you go away with a sense of achievement. We are passing on the knowledge we have acquired over forty years of potting, both in the UK and enriched by experiences working and observing techniques across four continents.

In the course of a week the full scope of a potter's cycle will be covered, from clay mixing to firing. Individual tuition combined with excellent facilities and our working methods will make this an experience to remember.

Course Schedule

After an initial tour of the pottery on Sunday morning, 9.30 am start, you will begin the first of three making days. While tutoring ends at 17.00 hours, the studio remains open until 20.00 hours so the energetic can practise. There is a wheel for each student, plus some spare. Teaching is by group demonstration and by individual coaching. All manner of pots, from humble egg cups to giant storage jars, lids, spouts, handles, etc. will be demonstrated. Decoration at this stage can involve alteration of form, adding clay and working with slips. Students work at their own pace on individual projects, taking from the demonstration those elements that most suit their particular aims and objectives.

The workshop is closed on Wednesday so pots can dry. This gives students a day off to visit other pottery in the area or to walk the hills and swim in the sea.

On Thursday morning you will be finishing your pots and preparing them for glazing. All the glazes are prepared at the pottery using a mixture of our own and commercial materials. In the afternoon Jennie demonstrates and oversees the glazing and decoration of pots. She uses brushes, trailers and sponges with glazes and oxides. After glazing Douglas conducts the packing of the kiln. Most of the pots will be once fired, an established speciality of our work here.

Thursday is also the day for making raku. Using clay mixed here at the pottery we will spend part of the day making raku pots, both by hand and working on the wheel.

Friday is full of action and excitement. Participants take an active part in the firings, often building and firing a raku kiln as well. We usually fire two kilns: the new 2 chambered wood-fired kiln to stoneware temperature, and a raku kiln, also wood fired. The raku pots are glazed, decorated and fired. As with the whole course, the firing process is very much hands on and a chance to discover for yourself the ancient and modern arts of the potter. Our experiments with Kakishimi firings are continuing and we hope to be doing more such firings during the summer weeks.

Kiln opening
Saturday morning is a moment of high tension as the kiln is opened and your still warm pots unpacked. The finished pots are an opportunity for more lessons to be learnt and delights to be savoured. After coffee and farewells, students take their leave around midday.


Coffee breaks and meals are usually taken out in the garden. Lunches are provided, on each working day Sunday to Friday using our organic garden vegetables where possible. Good evening meals can be found in a variety of interesting pubs within easy reach.

We can arrange bed and breakfast accommodation for you. Our students stay in private homes and farmhouses in or near the village. Alternatives are camping, hotels and inns. (Lists can be supplied on request.)

The fee for the  June and July course, which includes all finished pots, refreshments and lunch , is £500. The August course is £560 A non-returnable deposit of £100.00 is payable on booking, the balance being due one month before your date of arrival. Cheques (in sterling) should be made payable to J. D. Phillips. Electronic payments preferred.

Worlds smallest wood kiln

Worlds smallest wood fired kiln?

Jennie serving lunch

Jennie serving lunch